Interior Design Is For Everyone

One of my biggest pet peeves about interior design is that there are usually only two styles of homes presented to us. Brand new or completely renovated homes. How often have you searched Pinterest for decorating ideas but ended up defeated because the inspiration photos you see are not realistic for your home? Or make you feel like you need a miracle and more money than you have to invest in your home? I felt this way when I purchased my home. I was straight out of college, hadn't landed a big girl job, and had a lengthy to-do list to complete this massive renovation project. I'd spent so many years watching HGTV renovation shows that I just had to knock down some walls. I quickly realized that wouldn't be an option because the wall that would give me an open concept is a load-bearing wall. I could not remove the wall without it costing me thousands of dollars. What a blow to the potential I saw in the home.

I lived in a funk for a while because I knew I couldn't make this home look new or Pinterest-worthy. All I could do was decorate. I have the passion and eye for interior design but, how do I decorate with all these imperfections in this 1930's home? My research nor HGTV didn't show me that solution on my budget. I constantly asked myself, how do I decorate with all the awkward spaces I have. I'm creative but, I was stumped a second time as I stood in my master bedroom with the slanted popcorn ceilings. The design challenges I faced ruined the vision I had in my head. When I scrolled Pinterest, I found some inspiration but nothing that made my heart skip a beat.

My frustrations lingered for a couple of years. I developed this mindset that when I move to a new home, I'll be happy. When I move to a new home, I will love my home. Then the one thing I never imagined happened. I added a husband and a baby to my tiny 900 sq. ft. 2 two bedroom one bath home. Can you say any dream of possibly creating a space I loved in this house was now completely shattered!

But eventually, I had to deal with the elephant in the room. (By the way, the elephant was me) I had to stop rehearsing the when I move I will statements. My belief that interior design is so important and it shouldn't be an afterthought kept being tested. Instead of dealing with my mindset, I just kept trying to redecorate. I'd start, stop in the middle, scratch the design, and start over. What a waste of time and money. How often have you given up on creating a space you love because you do not know what to do with what you have? How many times have you convinced yourself that decorating your home is an option? Something that doesn't matter? Something that can wait because you are not home enough to enjoy it anyway?

Let me tell you that interior design is not about making your house pretty nor requires you to have a new or completely renovated home. It's about creating an environment you need. I will discuss that further in another post. I could go on and on but my reason for addressing this today is because I believe interior design is for EVERYONE! But unfortunately, what is most displayed are images of homes that do not represent homes as a whole. Which leaves a door open for comparison like we need any more areas to compare our lives to others. But most importantly, it can cause the belief that interior design is a luxury.

If you need a fresh perspective and want to become a better steward over what you have, follow me on this journey. It is time to address this elephant in the room and kill the negative vibes in your home because of a few walls, flaws, and imperfections that make up the place you call home.